This course explores the roles and responsibilities of executive technical leaders within the context of a strategic framework. Examples of technical executive positions are VP/Director of R&D or Engineering, VP/Director of Manufacturing, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Technical Director (Government), and large program Chief Engineer. The course introduces topics relevant to technical executives, from technical strategy development to tactical operations, such as metrics and measurements for leading technical teams within the context of larger organizations. The concepts in the course are reinforced using associated case studies and a team project and are further fortified by practicing or retired technical executive guest interviews delivering practical career experiences related to the topics presented in the course. The format of this course is very different from other Engineering or Technical Management courses. Lectures are offered asynchronously online with a required weekly seminar-type virtual-live discussion. Student participation in the weekly seminar-type virtual-live sessions, mid-course team presentation, semester-end capstone presentation, and executive roundtable are required. Students will be evaluated on their application of the principles presented in the course, critical thinking applied to the issues posed in the case study, and teamwork as assessed by both the instructors and their peer students. Course Note(s): The format for this course is a mixed online/ live environment called Virtual Live. For the Virtual Live format, weekly lectures are provided asynchronous online for students to view in advance of the weekly seminar sessions. The weekly seminar sessions are held at a predesignated day/time, with students/instructors joining in real-time web conference from any location via personal computer. Contact the instructors for additional information. The course also includes one Saturday session in the Baltimore, MD, area at the end of the semester. In-person participation with your team is expected. An alternative individual assignment is available for students not able to attend Capstone Day in person. The Saturday session consists of student teams presenting their capstone technical executive strategic issues, actions, and execution plans built around the case study evolution throughout the course. A roundtable discussion will also be held where students have the opportunity to ask probing questions of visiting executives as part of the Capstone Day experience.
Course prerequisite(s): 
595.660 Planning and Managing Projects, 595.662 Technical Organization Management (or 595.661 Technical Group Management or 595.663 Technical Personnel Management), 595.676 Finance, Contracts, and Compliance for Technical Organizations (or 595.664 Project Planning and Control or 595.666 Financial and Contract Management), 595.665 Strategy and Communication in Technical Organizations

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