This course examines the fundamentals necessary to design and develop space experiments and space systems. The course presents the theoretical background, current state of the art, and examples of the disciplines essential to developing space instrumentation and systems. Experts in the field will cover the following topics: spacecraft attitude determination and control, space communications, satellite command and telemetry systems, satellite data processing and storage, and space systems integration and testing. This course requires the completion of a research paperPrerequisite(s): An undergraduate degree in physics or engineering or the equivalent. Although preferable, it is not necessary to have taken 615.644 Fundamentals of Space Systems and Subsystems I or 615.744 Fundamentals of Space Systems and Subsystems I. Course Note(s): This course is also offered for 600-level credit and does not require completion of a research paper. See 615.645 Fundamentals of Space Systems and Subsystems II.