Spring 2015 Schedule

Available Courses for Spring 2015 Schedule

Academic Year 2014-2015—Course Lists

It is now possible to view tentative course schedules for the full academic year by visiting the Course Schedule Search function. Please note that course schedules for future semesters are tentative and subject to change at any time. The same search function can be used to review courses offered during past semesters.


If you expect to complete your degree requirements for May commencement, you must notify us by submitting a Graduation Application. Applications are now submitted online through ISIS. If you have any questions regarding completion of this online form or degree requirements, please call 410-516-2300 or e-mail jhep@jhu.edu. The graduation fee is $100 and is payable upon receipt of an e-bill notification from the Student Accounts Office.

Whiting School of Engineering Graduate Degree Recipients

If you have earned a graduate degree from the Whiting School of Engineering, you are eligible to enroll as a special student in any EP course for which you satisfy the stated prerequisites. Formal admission is not required—simply fill out an online application. Transcripts are not required. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the proper preparation for the course you wish to take.

Independent Study/Special Project

If you expect to register for an independent study or special project course for the Spring 2015 semester, please complete and return the Independent Study/Project form as soon as possible. This form is used to describe your project and gather the appropriate signatures. Registrations for independent study/special project courses cannot be processed without submission of this form. For the Spring 2015 semester, all necessary documents must be received by the EP Dorsey Office by February 8, 2015, the mail in deadline. Any project forms submitted after the above deadline will NOT be accepted. Independent study/special project courses must be completed by the end of the term.

Virtual Live Format

An in-person class session will be held at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland along with a virtual, live session for students who are unable to attend the APL session but prefer a 'live' class. The virtual students will connect via a web conferencing tool enabling two-way voice communication and live video feed with the on-site course. Students who have video enabled computers will be able to share video of themselves with the classroom and other virtual students, if desired.

This new delivery format enables students to attend the class from remote locations while still participating in live interactions with the instructors and other students. Live sessions will be recorded. Students who are unable to participate at the specific time the class session is held will be able to replay the recording of the class session, which includes the lectures, discussions, and video.

This new Virtual Live format is being provided to students who value the in-person interaction with the instructors and other students, but for whom commuting to APL is difficult or impossible. This offering also provides the opportunity for students from other Johns Hopkins schools and campuses to participate in this class without commuting to APL.

Classes that offer the Virtual Live option will be listed with a section number of 88.