Proficiency exams are open to students applying to the part-time master's degree programs in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Information Systems Engineering.

They are intended for students who have learned the material by experience or on the job training, rather than in a class through a regionally accredited institution.

You are allowed to take an exam only once. Failing an exam means that you will have to take the appropriate course at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals or an equivalent course at a regionally accredited school.

Proficiency exams are currently being offered for the following courses. Sample exams are not available.

NOTE: No proficiency exam is offered for Calculus.

Scheduling An Exam

Proficiency exams are given at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (443-778-6510) or the Student Services Center 410-516-2300.

It is your responsibility to call the appropriate center and schedule the day and time. Once you have scheduled the exam, please send an e-mail to so that the exam will be available for you on the correct day. You must allow at least one week for this. If less time is allowed, then we cannot guarantee that the exam will be available on the scheduled date.

There are no fees for our proficiency exams. When you arrive, you will be asked to show identification. You are allowed three hours to take an exam. You will be asked to show identification.

Grading and Results

Exams will not be returned to you. You will be notified only if you have passed or failed. If your course registration depends on the results of the exam, then the exam must be taken by the following deadlines to allow for grading and reporting of results.

  • Summer Term - May 8
  • Fall Term - August 8
  • Spring Term - December 8

If you have not received your results by the first week of the term, please send an e-mail to Every effort will be made to return your results in time for registration.

NOTE: This proficiency exam policy is subject to change without notice and the option to take a proficiency exam may be withdrawn at any time.