When: Apr 06 @ 6:00 PM
Where: Online

Are you affiliated with the military and want to learn how to effectively navigate career decision making? Do you want to learn skills that can enhance your career development? If so, this program is for you! This workshop will provide information on the unique experience of those transitioning from the military to civilian work. We will discuss common challenges and strategies to overcome such challenges.

Participants will be provided with the following:

  1. Information on relevant aspects of career transitions for military-affiliated individuals.
  2. A description of a framework that can assist you in career decision making and problem solving.
  3. Specific strategies for addressing skills such as translating your military experience to civilian employment opportunities and networking.

Please come prepared to actively participate in the discussion on these topics.


Seth C. W. Hayden is an associate professor of counseling and coordinator of the clinical mental health program at Wake Forest University. Hayden’s research focuses on the connection between career development and mental health. In addition, he examines the career and personal development needs of military service members, veterans, and their families. Hayden is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in North Carolina, a national certified counselor, a certified clinical mental health counselor, and an approved clinical supervisor. In addition, Hayden is a past-president of the Military and Government Counseling Association and National Career Development Association, both divisions of the American Counseling Association.