Spring Faculty Meeting

Biannual meeting for all faculty offering networking opportunities, program meetings, faculty awards, educational technology (EdTech) showcases and discussion, and a guest speaker.

Fall Faculty Meeting

Biannual meeting for all faculty offering networking opportunities, interactive sessions (EdTalks) focused on research-based best practices in teaching, learning, and technology, and a guest speaker.

Faculty Meeting Recordings

Online Resources

Learning Roadmap for New Online Instructors

Online just-in-time training for faculty working with an instructional designer from the Center for Learning Design to design and develop an online course.

Learning Roadmap for New Online Instructors

EP Knowledge Base

Online resource for faculty containing instructional support resources, guides, and information on learning technologies used in our courses. The knowledge base is supported jointly by the Center for Learning Design and the Center for Digital and Media Initiatives.

EP Knowledge Base

EP Help Desk

An email-based ticketing system for faculty to receive support for technical problems and/or to gain additional training. The EP Help Desk, reachable at, is monitored closely between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. EP Staff strive to respond within 24 hours of faculty requests.

Live Webinars

Spring and Fall Webinar Series

Live webinar series offered in connection with the spring and fall faculty meetings. The series provides an opportunity to extend learning beyond the concepts introduced at the meetings. Webinars are recorded for those who cannot attend.

Past Webinars

Faculty Conversations: Award-Winning Courses and Trends in Online Learning

Developing Online Learning Communities


Faculty Forward Fellows Program (NEW!)

The Faculty Forward Fellows Program is a blended faculty development program and one of six grants awarded through Johns Hopkins University Digital Education and Learning Technology Acceleration (DELTA) grants. The program includes several days of intensive workshop sessions combined with online modules that models the best practices in teaching and learning, online course design, and innovative uses of technology. The components of the program are online pre- and post-activities, intensive workshops, and a capstone project. The pre- and post-activities include video discussions, reflection activities, interaction with peers, and surveys. The face-to-face meetings model active learning such as group projects, discussions, and formative assessments all while exploring innovative technologies. The final project is presented online with a plan, proposal, or creation based on program curriculum. Select, outstanding faculty who complete the program will become “Faculty Fellows” and play a leadership role in future iterations of the program.