• Instructional Resources
  • Instructional Technology
    • Blackboard

      Use Blackboard to post course content, assignments, discussions and announcements in an online learning environment

    • Zoom

      Johns Hopkins Engineering recommends that on-site instructors use Zoom to conduct class in the event of inclement weather or other situations that prohibit travel to on-site locations. Zoom is a conferencing solution that provides online video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities.

  • Mid-Term and Final Course Evaluations

    To maintain and enhance the quality of our programs, EP uses course evaluation questionnaires to solicit students' opinions about the quality of courses and instruction.

  • Preventing Plagiarism with Turnitin and SafeAssign

    The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering have purchased school-wide subscriptions to the Turnitin.com Plagiarism Prevention Service. This service provides an easy to use method for instructors to check the content of papers for plagiarized material. The CER offers training and information about this service. Faculty can request a Turnitin account by sending an e-mail to turnitin@jhu.edu. Additional information can be found at cer.jhu.edu/turnitin.

    SafeAssign is an effective tool used to prevent plagiarism and to create opportunities to help students identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase.

    For additional information on TurnitIn and SafeAssign and to view video demonstrations of how to use the tool within Blackboard, please view the Combating Plagiarism page.

    Associate Dean Dexter Smith's Plagiarism Webcast

  • Software and Hardware Purchases and Downloads

    Purchases and downloads are available to both EP instructors and JHU employees.

  • Quality Matters
  • Accessing JHU Libraries Remotely

    There are two ways to access the JHU libraries remotely:

    • At my.jhu.edu, login with your JHED ID and password. Click on the Library tab. Campus libraries and e-reserves can be accessed from this page.
    • Access the online library resource of The Sheridan Libraries. The proxy checks whether your computer is on or off campus; if you are on campus you won't notice anything. If you are off campus you will see the JHED login screen. Make sure your browser is set to enable cookies. Enter your JHED ID and password to access your resource. If you need help with browser settings, please e-mail the IT@JH help desk.
  • Electronic Reserves