Camtasia Relay is a streamlined tool for recording lectures and presentations through screen capturing. The application requires minimal set up and configuration and can be used on both PC and Mac. After downloading and installing a video recorder, the user records a screen capture from a computer and submits them to a media server. The server then processes the video into a variety of formats for viewing on the web and through portable devices. Available formats include standard Flash video for inclusion on a Blackboard site or a web page, iPhone/iPad compatible video, an audio only mp3 file, and an original camrec file that can be edited using the Camtasia suite of tools.

To Request an Account

Use the Faculty Support Request Form to request a Camtasia Relay account.

Relay Best Practices

  • Limit the length of recordings to 10–12 minutes
  • Set up and utilize "hot keys" for better control of the recording
  • Utilize effective transitions between slides
  • Use this naming convention for your recordings (Module#_BriefTitle)
  • Record but don't submit "test" recordings

For detailed instructions on how to use Camtasia Relay at EP and tips on using PowerPoint, please see the links below.

Camtasia Relay Example

EP faculty member, Dan Baker has created a video to preview Relay. The preview video opens in a new window.