Dr. Anil Maybhate recently joined the faculty of the MS in Applied Biomedical Engineering program and is developing an online course in Biomedical Sensors and Devices, which will be available in fall 2013.

Dr. Maybhate obtained his Ph.D. in Dynamical Systems Theory from University of Pune, India in 2003. He came to the United States for his postdoctoral research at the Cornell University's Weill Medical College, where he worked on the dynamics of cardiac arrhythmias in porcine models of cardiac arrest. With a background in mathematical physics, Dr. Maybhate has successfully explored multiple interdisciplinary areas of biomedical engineering, including complexities of human posture, and intra-cardiac ECG-based markers of myocardial infraction at the Infinite Biomedical Technologies, a start-up medical device company in Baltimore, MD.

Since late 2008, Dr. Maybhate has been a part of the neuroengineering laboratory at the Johns Hopkins University's Department of Biomedical Engineering, where his research included development of bio-signals based markers of nervous system injuries, such as the spinal cord injury, cardiac arrest induced brain injury and the consequent critical care therapy. Dr. Maybhate has written more than 20 research papers in internationally reputed journals, and at Hopkins he has mentored more than 15 graduate, undergraduate and high-school students for their research projects. His students have commonly written award-winning conference papers and moved on to the top ranking universities and industries for their future career goals. Dr. Maybhate is passionately involved in the success of his students and has gained a reputation of being one of the finest teachers the students have had in their life.