Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a disruptive technology that has received significant attention in recent years in both the popular press and the manufacturing industry. While the current and potential future applications for this technology are impressive and imaginative, it is often very difficult to separate the hype of additive manufacturing from the reality of additive manufacturing. This survey class will cover additive manufacturing processes, the advantages and limitations of these processes (especially with respect to traditional subtractive processes), and practical considerations such as material properties and design for additive manufacturing. Both polymer and metal AM technologies will be included. Recent implementations of additive manufacturing, such as those in the aerospace and health care industries, will be presented extensively throughout the class as study cases. Popular press articles and technical papers on AM will be reviewed and discussed. Students taking this class will be expected to participate actively and bring to the class real or potential applications of AM in their workplaces. The final grade will be based on participation, assigned exercises and readings, and two in-class presentations.

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