Software-defined radio (SDR) has become a common approach to rapid prototyping and deployment of communications equipment. It allows engineers to quickly move from algorithm development to functional prototype, using small form-factor commercial hardware. This course will explore modern SDR technology and implementation techniques. Students will design and implement common radio functions using field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and software frameworks. During the semester, we progress from hardware considerations and basic signal processing techniques to synchronization, digital modulation, and cognitive radio. We finish with a final semester project combining multiple cognitive radio concepts.
Course prerequisite(s): 
EN.525.638 Introduction to Wireless Technology or EN.525.616 Communication Systems Engineering; EN.525.627 Digital Signal Processing; and working knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink.;Foundation Prerequisites for Cybersecurity Majors:EN.605.621 AND EN.695.601 AND EN.695.641

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