This course addresses foundational power amplifier circuit concepts and engineering fundamentals. The design of high power/high efficiency amplifiers that satisfy specific system requirements (bandwidth, linearity, spectral mask, etc.) are covered. Various device technologies (GaAs, GaN, LDMOS, SiGe), device scaling and modeling, optimum load calculations, amplifier classes (A, B, AB, C, E, F, etc.), waveform engineering, modulation techniques, efficiency enhancement, odd/even mode stability analysis, linearization techniques, power combining, reliability, lifetime calculation, and packaging are studied. The concepts are explored theoretically, and practically using numerous design exercises. This course stresses hands-on design techniques and practical considerations for real-world situations and applications.

Course prerequisite(s): 

525.623 Principles of Microwave Circuits or 525.620 Electromagnetic Transmission Systems.

Course instructor(s) :