This Applied Finite Elements course provides a wide-ranging exploration of the practical applications of finite element analysis (FEA) using both Creo Simulate and Ansys. Creo Simulate's integration with the Creo Parametric, a computer-aided design (CAD) tool, affords a number of advantages, most notably a remarkable efficiency in performing analyses and the possibility for Simulate to seamlessly manipulate the CAD model in performing design optimizations. Within Simulate, students will learn to perform linear structural static analyses of parts and assemblies. Students will also learn to represent preloaded bolts, create both solid and thin shell meshes, and improve the reliability of FEA results through convergence studies. Within Ansys, and industry standard FEA program, students will revisit the most common types of analyses, making some comparisons back to the results from Creo Simulate. Next, students will then learn to partition CAD geometry into mesh-able volumes then construct high quality hexahedral meshes. Finally, students perform a broad array of other simulation types that include transient structural, nonlinear materials, explicit dynamics, and computational fluid dynamics. Opportunities exist throughout the course to individually apply the techniques covered in ways applicable to students’ personal interests, career, or career ambitions.

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