This course will review and reinforce knowledge of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering principles for application in a variety of structural and civil engineering projects. By the end of this course, students will be able to explain the role of physical properties of soils in geotechnical analysis; interpret geotechnical in situ test data, laboratory test data, and instrumentation data for estimating the values of soil properties and inferring geotechnical structural behavior within the framework of the principles of geotechnical engineering; assess the stability and settlement of earth structures and foundations under changed loading conditions and/or in response to new construction; and assess the additional knowledge and expertise needed to complete the geotechnical design problem at hand.

Course prerequisite(s): 

560.305 Soil Mechanics or equivalent. 560.305 is offered through the full-time Civil Engineering Department.

Course note(s): 

This course is a requirement for the general Civil Engineering program.

Course instructor(s):