This course covers the general functions and responsibilities of a technical group supervisor. Topics include functions of a technical group in an R&D or engineering organization; primary responsibilities of a group supervisor; interactions with management, support organizations, and project organizations; organization of projects in group structure; development of work costs and schedules; progress monitoring and reporting; introduction to personnel management leadership, motivation, evaluation, and professional growth; reaction to critical problems; technical leadership; and planning for the future. Students assume the roles of technical group supervisors in a high-technology organization. They address typical problems in delegating responsibilities, staffing new projects, dealing with project managers, and handling conflicts and priorities.

Course prerequisites: 

595.460 Introduction to Project Management or the permission of the student's advisor or the course instructor. 595.461 can be taken concurrently with 595.460. In addition, an engineering, science, or mathematics degree and two years'; work experience in science or engineering or permission of the program chair/vice chair is required.

Course instructor: 
Battista, Horne-Jahrling, Miller, Plunkett

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