The hypercompetitive challenges of the marketplace or organizational mission requirements are increasingly driven by a relentless need for continuous innovation that demands technical managers seek new and effective dynamics that significantly increase their ability to manage complex projects, portfolios, and value-producing capabilities of cross-functional teams. This course is designed to prepare students with the expertise needed to effectively lead a highly skilled technical workforce capable of successfully executing the most demanding projects. The course instructor will form students into teams that will stay intact as they are continually challenged through a semester-long simulation-the outcome of this simulation will require students to formulate a strategic set of recommendations for their corporate leadership addressing a potentially game-changing new opportunity. The objective of these recommendations is to help their simulated organization pivot from traditional, waterfall-type practices to project management methods and cross-functional technical execution using a blend of agile and lean methods. Traditional waterfall approaches are predicated on highly structured planning activities that define a completed set of upfront, detailed requirements and design elements followed by disciplined project execution adhering to strict schedule and budget allocations-these constructs may not be well suited for many of the newly emerging challenges faced by highly technical organizations whose competitive advantage or mission success is predicated on economically justified technical innovation. This course will also provide students with criteria to assess the relevance of these advanced methods to the pending project and culture of the organization.

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