This course addresses quality management topics and applications vital to steering leadership and business process approaches for various organizations. Course discussions range from the history and development of modern quality programs to the latest in quality and business management, strategic planning, productivity improvement tools, techniques, and the implementation of quality initiatives needed to be successful in today’s highly dynamic and competitive global market. Advanced topics related to the principles and application of quality methodologies are presented such as the impact of leadership and corporate culture on quality and the importance of quality during the proposal and contract review process. Students will understand the elements and implementation strategies of quality assurance tools and systems, including benchmarking, process control, quality measurement, supplier quality management, and auditing. Current applications and strategies for implementing effective quality management are introduced including lean manufacturing philosophies, Deming’s PDCA cycle, Kaizen continuous improvement processes, and risk management. The course also covers a comprehensive and practical understanding of the implementation of quality management systems such as ISO 9001. As a result of the significant impact that software and system safety now have on today’s organizations, sessions dedicated to both topics are also included. Course Note(s): The format for this course is a mixed online/ live environment called Virtual Live. Weekly lectures are provided live (and recorded) on a predesignated day/time, with students/instructors joining from any location via personal computer. Students can also choose to participate in person, in a classroom, at the predesignated day/time. Contact the instructors for additional information.

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