"Agile", "crowdfunding", "lean", "open innovation"—the nature of innovation is radically changing in the 21st century. How can technical professionals thrive amidst the new models, tools and processes that are creating faster cycles of disruption? This course will address challenges faced by technical managers in creating and sustaining innovation across a wide range of organizations and environments: from government labs to Fortune 1,000 companies to small businesses and startups. Students will learn the many issues involved in turning creative ideas into a product or service and how to gain support for projects, demonstrate value of the innovation, scale to a profitable venture, and sustain the innovation through successive competitive life cycles. Students will also learn about the challenges and techniques for sustaining innovative cultures in large organizations and how to foster "intrepreneurship"—the concept of creating innovations within the processes and cultures of an already established organization. Case studies and interviews with experienced senior managers will provide students with the latest real-world insights.

Course prerequisite(s): 

595.660 Introduction to Project Management.

Course note(s): 

The format for this course is either online or a mixed online/live environment called Virtual Live. For the Virtual Live format, weekly lectures are provided either online or live (and recorded) on a predesignated day/time, with students/instructors joining in person or from any location via personal computer. Students can also choose to participate in person, in a classroom, at the predesignated day/time. Contact the instructors for additional information. Lectures are offered asynchronously online with a required weekly seminar-type virtual-live option. Lectures and videos will be available asynchronously online. The weekly seminar-type presentations/discussions are attended via web meeting. This course includes a weekend session to be attended in person at a designated JHU site or via web conference. The practicum may also include working sessions on the team project to be attended via web conference. Please refer to the course schedule for updated information.

Course instructor(s): 
Geertsen, McLoughlin

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