This course describes the key aspects of a software project. It begins with the job description of a software manager and then addresses those topics germane to successful software development management, including organizing the software development team; interfacing with other engineering organizations (systems engineering, quality assurance, configuration management, and test engineering); assessing development standards; selecting the best approach and tailoring the process model; estimating software cost and schedule; planning and documenting the plan; staffing the effort; managing software cost and schedule during development; risk engineering; and continuous process improvement. Personnel management topics, including performance evaluations, merit planning, skills building, and team building, are also covered. This course introduces software engineers aspiring to become technical team leaders or software project managers to the responsibilities of these roles. For those engineers who have advanced to a software development leadership position, this course offers formal training in software project management. Prerequisite(s): Three to five years technical work experience is recommended.

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