This course investigates the underlying technology of the Internet. The presentation begins with a survey of distributed applications operating over the Internet, including the Web, electronic mail, VoIP, instant messaging, file transfers and peerto-peer file sharing. The course investigates the details of the Internet architecture and the TCP/IP protocol suite, covering the protocols that provide communications services to end systems and the management and control protocols that create the Internet from disparate underlying networks and technologies. Communications-related protocols analyzed in detail include the foundational Internet Protocol (IP), the connection-oriented reliable Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), the connectionless User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the Real-Time Protocol (RTP) for streaming media. To allow the student to understand the control and management of the Internet, the course analyzes protocols that support naming (DNS), addressing and configuration (DHCP), management (SNMP) and the dynamic IP routing protocols RIP, OSPF and BGP.
Course prerequisite(s): 
605.202 Data Structures; 605.671 Principles of Data Communications Networks.;Foundation Prerequisites for Cybersecurity Majors:EN.605.621 AND EN.695.601 AND EN.695.641

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