This course examines ordinary differential equations from a geometric point of view and involves significant use of phase-plane diagrams and associated concepts, including equilibrium points, orbits, limit cycles, and domains of attraction. Various methods are discussed to determine existence and stability of equilibrium points and closed orbits. Methods are discussed for analyzing nonlinear differential equations (e.g., linearization, direct, perturbation, and bifurcation analysis). An introduction to chaos theory and Hamiltonian systems is also presented. The techniques learned will be applied to equations from physics, engineering, biology, ecology, and neural networks (as time permits).

Course prerequisites: 

625.404 Ordinary Differential Equations or equivalent graduate-level ODE class and knowledge of eigenvalues and eigenvectors from matrix theory. (Note: The standard undergraduate-level ODE class alone is not sufficient to meet the prerequisites for this class.) 625.717 is not required.

Course instructor: 
Farris, Whisnant

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