This course sequence is designed for students in the master's program who wish to work with a faculty advisor to conduct significant, original independent research in the field of applied and computational mathematics (each course is one semester). A sequence may be used to fulfill two courses within the 700-level course requirements for the master's degree; only one sequence may count toward the degree. For sequence 625.803-804, the student is to produce a bound hard-copy thesis for submission to the JHU library and an electronic version of the thesis based on standards posted at (the student is also encouraged to write a technical paper for publication based on the thesis). The intent of the research is to expand the body of knowledge in the broad area of applied mathematics, with the research leading to professional-quality documentation. Students with a potential interest in pursuing a doctoral degree at JHU, or another university, should consider enrolling in either this sequence or 625.801-802 to gain familiarity with the research process (doctoral intentions are not a requirement for enrollment).

Course prerequisite(s): 

Completion of at least six courses toward the Master of Science, including 625.601 Real Analysis and/or 625.609 Matrix Theory, 625.603 (Statistical Methods and Data Analysis), and at least one of the following three two-semester sequences: 625.717-718 Advanced Differential Equations: Partial Differential Equations and Nonlinear Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, 625.721-722 Probability and Stochastic Process I and II, or 625.725-726 Theory of Statistics I and II). It is recommended that the 800-level research or thesis sequence represent the final two courses of the degree.

Course note(s): 

The student must identify a potential research advisor from the Applied and Computational Mathematics Research Faculty ( to initiate the approval procedure prior to enrollment in the chosen course sequence; enrollment may only occur after approval. A full description of the process and requirements for 625.803-804 can be found at