This course sequence is designed for students in the postmaster’s certificate (PMC) program who wish to work with a faculty advisor to conduct significant, original independent research in the field of applied and computational mathematics (each course is one semester). A sequence may be used to fulfill two courses within the course requirements for the PMC; only one sequence may count toward the certificate. For sequence 625.805–806, the student is to produce a technical paper for submission to a journal or to a conference with accompanied refereed proceedings. The intent of the research is to expand the body of knowledge in the broad area of applied mathematics, with the research leading to professional-quality documentation. Students with a potential interest in pursuing a doctoral degree at JHU, or another university, should consider enrolling in one of these sequences to gain familiarity with the research process (doctoral intentions are not a requirement for enrollment). Prerequisite(s): At least three courses (four are recommended) toward the post-master’s certificate. It is recommended that the sequence represent the final two courses in the post-master’s certificate program. Course Note(s): The student must identify a potential research advisor from the Applied and Computational Mathematics Research Faculty ( to initiate the approval procedure prior to enrollment in the chosen course sequence; enrollment may only occur after approval. A full description of the process and requirements can be found at