Systems engineering theory typically focuses on the early design and development phases of a system’s life cycle, yet over the life of a system, the bulk of engineering effort and the associated costs are not realized until the operations and support (O&S) phase. This course will examine the importance of designing O&S considerations early in a system’s life cycle by identifying the appropriate logistic elements and measures, while introducing the necessary analytical processes and tools to support end-to-end life cycle engineering requirements. Manufacturing and production operations will be presented along with the elements that support a system once it is fielded (maintenance planning, reliability prediction, supply support, training, shipping, and system disposal). The course will also explore the requirements and processes associated with major upgrades to deployed systems and the logistics management techniques that must be implemented during initial fielding and deployment. A class project and real-world case studies will underscore the theory and techniques associated with deployed systems engineering.
Course prerequisite(s): 
EN.645.662 Introduction to Systems Engineering or EN.645.667 Management of Systems Projects. College-level Statistics (College-level Calculus preferred but not required).

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