This course for systems engineers covers software engineering principles, artifacts, and approaches for the development of software systems. Topics include software engineering processes and metrics; real-time, distributed, configurable, and object-oriented software; alignment of software systems with overall system design; software-unique aspects of planning, requirements, architecture analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance; understanding important software engineering constraints (performance, security, networking, etc.); and technology trends in software engineering today. Student teams will conduct case studies for a project.

Course prerequisites: 

645.462 Introduction to Systems Engineering, or permission from the student's academic advisor and the course instructor.

Course notes: 

For Technical Management students, as of fall 2017, 595.763 - Software Engineering Management is no longer offered and 645.764 - Software Systems Engineering is the replacement course. 645.764 will fulfill the TM requirement. Students may not enroll in this course if they have already completed 595.763 - Software Engineering Management.

Course instructor: 
Pafford, Saunders, Tamer, Thompson, Valencia

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