This course emphasizes the impact of recent technological advances on new products, processes, and needs, as well as the roles of the technical manager, program manager, and systems engineer in rapidly-evolving technologies. Subject areas and lecture content track current topics of interest, such as trends and developments in hypersonics, communications, computers, anti-tamper technologies, intelligent machines, nanotechnology, and robotics. Advanced technologies in application areas such as transportation, space, manufacturing, and biomedicine are also discussed. Relatively new systems engineering approaches such model-based systems engineering, agile systems engineering, and “DevOps” are included in the syllabus. In addition, a special enrichment topic for this Cohort is a discussion on the ethics of autonomous weapons led by an internationally-known expert on the subject. Students are encouraged to explore new technology areas and share information with each other. The seminar format encourages student participation that culminates in a term paper on a new or emerging technology area.

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