This course provides the experience of applying systems engineering principles and skills learned in the formal courses to a specific practical project that is suggested by the student and is presented in a formal proposal. The product of the system project is a final report; also required are interim reports and an oral presentation to permit review of the project objectives and approach. This is an independent course that has no formal classes; the student is responsible for developing their own project timeline and works to complete it within one semester. A student typically has a mentor who is a member of the systems engineering faculty. The program chair, vice chair, and mentor review proposals and reports. The total time required for this course is comparable to the combined class and study time for the formal courses. Course Note(s): Students who plan to register for this course will need to have a project mentor and a topic for their project and should contact the Systems Engineering Program Office (443-778-6002) four to six weeks prior to the semester start date.
Course prerequisite(s): 
EN.645.769 System Test and Evaluation and an approved project concept from their project mentor and project instructor.

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