The ability to effectively apply knowledge and skills to new problems and situations is critical in the development of space systems. Building upon the foundational systems engineering and technical skills developed through prior coursework, this course will introduce further topics related to areas of active exploration and investigation, as well as practical details pertaining to mission formulation and assessment. Classes will be structured to include both information exchange led by subject matter experts from across the community and active group discourse. In addition, a number of topical case studies will be worked by students in both individual and group formats. Students will be asked to explore, in depth, various advanced areas of space systems engineering challenges and share information with each other in online discussions.
Course prerequisite(s): 
Completion of EN.675.600 Systems Engineering for Space, EN.675.601 Fundamentals of Engineering Space Systems I, and EN.675.602 Fundamentals of Engineering Space Systems II, or with approval of the instructor.

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