Radar systems launched in and used in space are utilized in a number of applications including navigation, intelligence, maritime domain awareness, ocean ice monitoring, meteorology, disaster recovery, and lunar and planetary science. This course will begin with radar fundamentals before covering the scientific requirements that drive the engineering decisions that go into designing a space-based radar system, the data processing that must occur, and how that data is then exploited. Emphasis will be on Synthetic Aperture Radar, but other techniques and technologies will also be included. Case studies of historic, existing, and future systems will be done. Students will select a particular mission of interest and create a conceptual design for a space radar system that would be capable of executing the chosen mission.
Course prerequisite(s): 
Completion of EN.675.600 Systems Engineering for Space; EN.675.601 Fundamentals of Engineering Space Systems I and EN.675.650 Mathematics for Space or with approval of the instructor.