Flexibility for students is one of the core values of Engineering for Professionals (EP). The COVID-19 pandemic may present EP students with previously unseen challenges. To assist our students, the Whiting School is providing temporary additional flexibility in several core academic and registration policies. In some cases, this flexibility will be provided without any required justification, and in other cases, students will be asked for a description of the conditions that would support a request.

The term extraordinary circumstances appears in several places below. This may include personal illness or care of another who is ill; technological issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic that preempt a student’s ability to perform well in the remote classroom setting (such as sustained loss of a reliable Wi-Fi source, etc.); altered job conditions; or other compelling personal hardship issues that stem from the COVID-19 pandemic and may preclude a student from successfully completing course requirements.

Course Grading

All EP courses employ the A–F course grading system. For the Spring 2020 semester only, EP students may choose to either remain in the default grading system for a course or switch to Pass/Fail (P/F).

  • EP students will have until 5:00 pm on May 4, 2020 to make the decision to switch to P/F. The decision to either switch to P/F or remain in the default grading system cannot be reversed after May 4, 2020.
  • **Some employers (and other providers of tuition assistance) do not offer reimbursement for courses taken P/F. It is the responsibility of EP students to determine how switching to P/F may affect them prior to making the request to switch to P/F.**
  • Students auditing a class will not be permitted to switch to P/F.
  • Students are not required to demonstrate extraordinary circumstances to switch to P/F.
  • Instructors will be advised that (original) grades of A+ through C− would convert to P. Grades of D+ through F would convert to F.
  • A Spring 2020 grade of P in a graduate-level course will confer credit and be applicable to degree requirements.
  • For the purposes of Honors, a P grade would be considered as an A.
  • Students must submit P/F requests to jhep@jhu.edu.

Incomplete Grades

Per the current policy, EP students who are confronted with compelling circumstances beyond their control that interfere with the ability to complete their semester's work during the normal course of a term may request an incomplete grade from the instructor.

  • Approval of such a request is neither automatic nor guaranteed, but in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, faculty are strongly encouraged to accommodate all incomplete requests to the best of their ability.
  • Academic Affairs Manager Heather Stewart (hstewa13@jhu.edu) can advise both students and faculty, if needed.
  • Faculty and students are required to confirm any terms for an incomplete course in writing (email is sufficient), including deadlines.
  • A final grade must be submitted to the Registrar within four weeks after the start of the following term. Students with extraordinary circumstances may request an exception to this deadline before the end of the third week of the following term. When requesting to change the deadline, faculty members must specify a new date for completion of the work which must be before the end of the following term. New terms must be confirmed in writing (email is sufficient), including new deadlines.
  • Without an approved exception, incomplete grades cannot typically be held over into a third semester in order to complete any outstanding work, nor can incomplete grades be resolved by retaking the course.
  • Students with incomplete grades in required courses at the date of degree conferral will not graduate.
  • Dropping or withdrawing from a course with an incomplete grade is not permissible at any time.

Course Withdrawals and Audits

For the Spring 2020 term, EP students may withdraw (noted as W on transcript) or switch to audit (noted as AU on transcript) until May 4, 2020, extended from the original date of March 31, 2020. Students are not required to demonstrate extraordinary circumstances to take advantage of this extension. Students may make these changes themselves in SIS.

Course Withdrawal Financial Considerations

The refund schedule remains intact; students may contact jhep@jhu.edu for additional clarification.

Probation and Dismissal

The probation and dismissal policies remain in place. Appeals based on extraordinary circumstances will be considered.

Time-to-Degree Extensions and Deadline Flexibility

Consideration should be given to any EP student who withdraws from the current term to extend the time-to-degree requirement to an additional term.