Provisional status means you are required to successfully complete course prerequisites or other qualifications before a full admission to the master’s program can be granted. Once provisional status requirements are met, you can start your graduate coursework immediately as a fully admitted master’s student.

When a student is accepted under provisional status, they are given a plan and allotted timeframe to complete the requirements necessary to be fully admitted into the program. Guidelines for provisional admission/status varies by colleges and universities. See below for specific guidelines for Engineering for Professionals.

Provisional Status in Engineering for Professionals Programs

After submitting an Engineering for Professionals application, students are evaluated for prerequisite coursework that is required for each program. Should a prerequisite course(s) be required, you can take the course(s) through Johns Hopkins at a significantly discounted tuition rate. Students taking courses outside of Johns Hopkins should contact the office of admissions to obtain the list of pre-approved courses from outside universities. Students under provisional status are not permitted to enroll in graduate-level coursework.

  • If a student thinks that they would otherwise be academically eligible for Engineering for Professionals aside from completing prerequisite requirements, they are encouraged to apply.
  • If a student did not complete a prerequisite course or earn a course grade of B- or better, the student will be asked to complete the required course(s) in a preliminary offer letter.
  • If a student wishes to take the courses with JHU at a significantly discounted cost, they should accept their offer to proceed with JHU registration and enrollment. The student’s advisor will help select the appropriate prerequisite courses to take.

Once the prerequisite course requirements are completed, a student must notify their Engineering for Professionals admissions coordinator and provide a copy of the course transcript(s) from any outside institutions. Students must earn a B– or better in prerequisite courses to receive full admission. A grade below B– will result in the loss of provisional student status, and the student would need to reapply to the program before regaining registration access. A confirmation of full acceptance will be sent via email to the student once their last prerequisite course grade is submitted.

Completing Required Coursework

Students who receive provisional status and wish to satisfy the required coursework before registering with JHU, should communicate their academic course plan in an offer response checklist form. The form is in the application student status portal and provides more details including pre-approved courses at outside institutions.

On average, students take 1–2 semesters to complete their prerequisite course assignments. Provisional students should respond to their offer within one year of the start term for which they applied, or their status will be revoked, and they will be asked to contact [email protected] and reapply. Provisional students should not take any courses prescribed to fully admitted students before completing their prerequisite courses. If they do, they risk having their offer of admission revoked.

There is no application for provisional status. You will fill out the standard application and will receive a decision regarding provisional status based on that application.

Because the prerequisite courses are significantly discounted, provisional students do not qualify for financial aid. Once full admission is granted, students may then apply for financial aid for regular program courses.

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