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Our goal is to provide students with the education they need to advance their careers and meet their goals. To accomplish this, we offer three types of degrees and certifications across our 22 programs: master’s programs, a graduate certificate, and a post-graduate certificate. 

Our engineering master’s programs are the core of each of our programs. Over the course of five years, you will earn an accredited master’s degree. Even if you complete the entire program online, your diploma will not reflect the online status and will read “Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering.” We offer over 20 types of engineering master’s degrees to meet the interests of our students, ranging from cybersecurity and computer science to applied physics and space systems engineering. 

We also offer two types of engineering certifications: a graduate certification and a post-master’s certification. The graduate certificate caters to students who do not have a master’s degree but are searching for continued education. The post-master’s certificate is designed for students who do have a master’s degree who are looking to deepen their expertise in their field. These engineering certifications can help advance your career without requiring the time and dedication of a master’s degree. 

You also have the option to take online engineering courses as a non-degree-seeking student if pursuing a degree does not align with your goals.

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Browse the full list of engineering master's programs and certificates and find the program that works for you. Our part-time, online engineering graduate programs are versatile enough to fulfill your interests and accomplish your goals.

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Interested in a specific online engineering course or want to see when a course is offered? We offer hundreds of engineering courses across a range of in-demand areas. Get real-time, solutions-based knowledge you can apply immediately and use to advance your career as an engineer.

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We offer versatile course format options, giving you the flexibility to earn a master's degree in engineering at a pace that suits your life and preferred learning style. Courses are offered online, hybrid of online and on-site, or on-site. And the majority of our master's programs can be completed fully online.

Degrees, Certificates & Courses FAQs

Graduate students have up to 5 years to complete the required credits for the graduate certificate, master’s degree, and post-master’s degree certificates.

Yes, we do! Check out our financial aid page to learn more about aid opportunities or reach out to an admissions counselor to ask about your particular situation. 

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