Start at Home. Finish on Campus.

Today, students are seeking opportunities to earn a master’s degree at a pace and place that is convenient for their lifestyle and career aspirations. Recognizing this high demand for the engineers of tomor­row, Home-to-Hopkins at Johns Hopkins Engineering is a revolutionary way to meet students where they are, offering an opportunity to earn a master’s degree in engineering starting from home.

In the Home-to-Hopkins Master’s Program, students begin by enrolling in two-to-four remote graduate courses from   their home country or location, tapping into the specially designed remote education engineering courses offered by Engineering for Professionals. Then, students spend a full academic year on campus at Johns Hopkins University with an opportu­nity to take courses on our main Homewood campus. This also opens the door for OPT eligibility, as candidates will be full-time residential students at Johns Hopkins.

A special note to Chinese applicants: The Chinese education department (i.e., Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange) evaluates the educational credentials of Chinese citizens returning to China by request, and because a component of the Home-to-Hopkins program is online, it may disqualify you from civil service or other public sector jobs administered by the Chinese government. Different provincial bodies view flexible start programs (that is, residential programs that allow students to begin their coursework online before they arrive in the U.S.) differently and there is no published standard for determining the validity of such flexible start programs.

Home-to-Hopkins Benefits for You

There is so much for you to take advantage of as you pursue a master’s degree through this transformative master’s program:

  • Lower cost than traditional on-campus master’s programs
  • Flexible options for residential and remote courses, allowing students more time to adequately prepare to relocate to the United States
  • Visionary and progressive learning that features a combination of courses taught by engineering research faculty and scientists and industry leaders and senior executives
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) application eligibility after completion of residency in the U.S.
  • Learn from scholars and engineers who are creating the technologies that are creating a better future

Choose from 5 Master's Programs

The structure of the Home-to-Hopkins Master’s Program allows students to experience the freedom of learning at a pace that complements their lifestyle while also gaining the career-changing knowledge to step into an engineering role with confidence.

Computer Science

Computer scientists are in high demand with salaries up to and beyond $179,000 per year. In our top-ranked program, you will learn from computer science industry leaders who develop the technologies and structures that power our technologically driven world.

Data Science

Jump-start your graduate education in our #2 ranked data science program from anywhere in the world. After completing graduate coursework in this program you will be prepared to succeed in specialized jobs involving everything from the data pipeline and storage to statistical analysis and eliciting the story the data tells.

Financial Mathematics

With a master's degree in financial mathematics, you can solve the toughest mathematical problems from Wall Street to Canary Warf to all types of financial institutions in between. Start at home with a group of important foundational courses.

Applied and Computational Mathematics

Blend your interest in applied math and computer science to expand your career in software development, medical research, logistics, and more. Take a look at the courses you'll take in year one online from wherever you are.

Engineering Management

Engineers looking to become strategic technical leaders are well suited for the Home-to-Hopkins Engineering Management program. Be the leader to shape the future.

Application Details and Deadlines

  • August 1, 2022 for Fall 2022 remote start/Fall 2023 residential start
  • November 15, 2022 for Spring 2023 remote start/Fall 2023 residential start
  • We will reimburse a WES fee for any applicant who enrolls as a Home-to-Hopkins student.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

(All Amounts/Costs are in U.S. Dollars)

YEAR 1 Cost
Fall 2022 (online/remote)
Course 1 $4,920* (per course tuition)
Course 2 $4,920* (per course tuition)
Spring 2023 (online/remote)
Course 3 $4,920* (per course tuition) 
Course 4 $4,920* (per course tuition)


YEAR 2 Cost
Fall 2023 (on-campus/Baltimore) Full-time (minimum 9 credits) tuition is estimated to be $31,300* per semester.
Spring 2024 (on-campus/Baltimore) Full-time (minimum 9 credits) tuition is estimated to be $31,300* per semester


  • Mandatory Health Insurance Premium (year 2 only): approximately $1,250* per semester while enrolled as a full-time student on campus.
  • One-time Graduation Fee: $100.00

Financial Aid

Financial aid for the second year of on-campus study may be available to those who qualify. Domestic applicants are encouraged a submit a FAFSA as appropriate. Any financial aid will be cited on letters of admission.

*estimated and subject to an annual increase

Get Started Today

Applications are being accepted now for a start as early as summer 2022, which begins May 31, or fall 2022. Three easy steps to apply (1) Create an application account (2) Select Engineering for Professionals (3) Select your major and choose Home-to-Hopkins.

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