The Home-to-Hopkins program is closed as of October 2, 2023 and no longer accepting applications. Current students please refer to the information below. While we are closing the H2H program, we remain committed to supporting our students during this transition period.

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

(All Amounts/Costs are in U.S. Dollars)

YEAR 1 Cost
Fall 2023 (online/remote)
Course 1 $5,090* (per course tuition)
Course 2 $5,090* (per course tuition)
Spring 2024 (online/remote)
Course 3 $5,090* (per course tuition) 
Course 4 $5,090* (per course tuition)


YEAR 2 Cost
Fall 2024 (on-campus/Baltimore) Full-time (minimum 9 credits) tuition is estimated to be $31,420* per semester.
Spring 2025 (on-campus/Baltimore) Full-time (minimum 9 credits) tuition is estimated to be $31,420* per semester


  • Mandatory Health Insurance Premium (year 2 only): approximately $3,119* for the year while enrolled as a full-time student on campus.
  • One-time Graduation Fee: $100.00

Financial Aid

Financial aid for the second year of on-campus study may be available to those who qualify. Domestic applicants are encouraged a submit a FAFSA as appropriate. Any financial aid will be cited on letters of admission.

*estimated and subject to an annual increase

Resources for Current Students

The Student Academic Success Office (SASO) is available to those who are interested in the program. SASO will answer questions regarding moving from part-time and remote to full-time and residential, the visa process, and planning a course of study to maintain eligibility for visas.

Living in Baltimore

With its cultural heritage, rich history, and unique neighborhoods, Baltimore is a city with something to offer everyone.