Tuition is calculated per course. Graduate degrees typically require completing ten (10) courses and certifications typically require completing five (5) courses (some certificates require 4 courses).

Review the program requirements for your program of interest to confirm how many courses are required to complete your selected degree or certificate program.

Students whose tuition is paid by their employer are strongly recommended to begin processing requests with their employers well before registration deadlines to ensure payment is processed and complete. If payment is not processed, students will not be able to register for courses. Students are ultimately responsible for all costs associated with their registration.

Please review the academic calendar for registration and tuition payment deadlines for upcoming academic terms. Please contact SEAM with any questions about tuition, payments, or financial holds.


Per-course tuition for a three-credit graduate-level course in the Whiting School of Engineering is $6,470, but with support from the dean of the Whiting School of Engineering, our students enjoy a substantially decreased out-of-pocket cost. The typical tuition rates for Engineering for Professionals courses during the 2024–2025 academic year, after the Dean’s support is applied, are $1,425 for undergraduate (200-level) and $5,270 for graduate (600-level and higher) courses. The Dean’s support is only available for courses offered through the Engineering for Professionals program.

You may use the tuition summary table below as a tool to understand total program costs.

For 2024–2025 Academic Year Only

Undergraduate (200-level) course $1,425
Undergraduate (200-level) course tuition, before fellowship $6,470
Dean’s fellowship (automatically applied to all EP Students) -$5,045
Undergraduate course (200-level), final cost $1,425
The total cost depends on the number of 200-level courses needed to fulfill prerequisite requirements.
Graduate (600-level and above) course tuition, before fellowship $6,470
Dean’s fellowship (automatically applied to all EP Students) -$1,200
Graduate course (600-level), final cost $5,270
Total Program Cost (10 three-credit graduate-level courses all taken within 2024–2025 academic year*) $52,700

If you need a receipt of the courses you are taking, please contact contact SEAM.

Cost of Attendance

Cost of attendance is an estimate of a student’s expenses based on federally established guidelinesThis includes the indirect cost estimations based on student survey data of living and other expenses that do not appear on a bill. Actual costs may differ

Fall/Spring Summer
Living Expenses, Housing (Off-Campus) $11,266 $3,753
Living Expenses, Food (Off-Campus) $7,828 $2,609
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses $1,226 $409
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment $1,498 $499
Transportation (Average) $598 $199
Average Loan Fees, Federal Direct Student Loan* $178
Average Loan Fees, Federal Graduate PLUS* $936

* Average Federal Direct loan fees are added to the student budget when a student accepts a Federal Direct loan. 

**If you are a student living in housing on a military base or for which you receive a basic allowance under section 403(b) of title 37 of the United States Code, please contact SEAM to discuss how this may affect your cost of attendance. 

Please note: 
Students with special circumstances for unanticipated expenses (see the FA-Budget Adjustment Request Form for examples) can request a budget adjustment to their cost of attendance that may allow for additional federal loan borrowing eligibility. 


Late Tuition Payment Fee

Tuition payment deadlines are indicated in the academic calendar. If payment is received after the deadline, a late payment fee of $150 will be incurred upon the student.

Transfer Credit Fee

Graduate courses completed at another academic institution and approved for transfer are assessed a fee of $510 per course.

Graduation Fee

The graduation fee is $100 and is payable upon receipt of an e-bill notification from the office of Student Accounts.

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I appreciated the content and how it was tailored to my work. It made it so much easier to translate the stuff I learned through the program to my career and make an immediate impact. It was also very convenient that the course schedule worked easily with my work schedule. The program also was great because it was project based which appeals to my learning style.

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