Short-Term Certificates With Lasting Career Benefits

If you want to expand your knowledge in a faster, short timeframe, we have options for you.

Earn a graduate or post-master’s certificate fully online through the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals program. Apply any time, no GRE required, and earn a certificate in just four or five courses, depending on the program.

We’ve made it easy for you to pursue advanced education. Certificate programs feature carefully constructed course content, built specifically to address engineering technologies, techniques, and issues for our modern world.

Take advantage of these key benefits to fast track your career:

  • Complete 4 or 5 courses to earn a certificate.
  • Choose from 25+ graduate and post-master’s certificates.
  • Enroll in online challenging courses, more than 650 available.
  • Gain knowledge you can use immediately as you work.
  • Learn from esteemed scientists and senior-level engineering professionals.
  • Earn credits toward a master’s degree

Offered on a flexible schedule, these online certificate programs will provide you with career-advancing skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately.

Certificate Options

Graduate Certificate Programs Post-Master’s Certificate Programs
Applied Biomedical Engineering Applied Biomedical Engineering
Applied and Computational Mathematics Applied and Computational Mathematics
Artificial Intelligence Applied Physics
Civil Engineering Computer Science
Climate Change, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability Cybersecurity
Computer Science Data Science
Cybersecurity Electrical and Computer Engineering
Data Science Environmental Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Environmental Engineering and Science
Engineering Management Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Engineering Information Systems Engineering
Environmental Engineering and Science Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Planning and Management Space Systems Engineering
Financial Risk Management Systems Engineering
Information Systems Engineering
Quantitative Portfolio Management
Systems Engineering

How to apply to a Graduate or Post-Master’s Certificate Program (New Students)

Prospective students should follow the application process outlined via EP Admissions Requirements.

How to Apply to a Graduate Certificate Program Along-the-Way to a Master’s Degree Program

Current EP students enrolled in a master’s degree program and in good standing should email [email protected] to request certificate status. The request should include JHED-ID, current master’s program, advisor name, intended certificate program. A separate application is not necessary. Note: Once certificate status is granted, students will only be able to review their master’s degree progress in Degree Audit by running a “what-if” scenario until the certificate requirements have been completed.


Yes, courses may be double counted toward the graduate certificate and master’s degree with your program advisor’s approval.

A master’s degree program leads to the conferral of an academic degree while a graduate certificate program is a non-degree certification in a specific area of study and requires fewer courses.

A graduate certificate is typically earned after the completion of a bachelor’s degree, either as a stand-alone credential, a steppingstone to a master’s degree, or during the course of earning a master’s degree in a different program (much like a minor in undergraduate studies). Graduate certificate courses typically provide foundational knowledge and skills and are lower-level graduate courses in a specific area of study.

A post-master’s certificate is earned after the completion of a master’s degree and is typically comprised of upper-level graduate courses in a specific area of study.

Yes, it is possible to earn a graduate certificate in a program other than your master’s degree. You must meet the admissions requirements to the graduate certificate program, including prerequisites.

A graduate certificate provides foundational knowledge and skills in a particular field that can be used to display competence in a specific area, demonstrate professional development, and validate a particular skill set. Graduate certificates can also be used to invest in continuing education without the time and financial commitment of a full master’s degree.

A post-master’s certificate allows master’s degree professionals to advance their skills, keep up with industry and technological advances, and develop competencies in specialized, technical areas of study. Like the graduate certificate, the post-master’s certificate can be used to invest in continuing education without the time and financial commitment of a second master’s degree or doctoral degree.

Requirements vary by program. Most certificates require the completion of 4–5 graduate-level courses in a certain program area. Please visit Find Your Program, select your program of interest, and select requirements to learn more.

The tuition rate per course is the same for both graduate and post-master’s certificates as well as for master’s degree programs at EP. Please visit Tuition and Fees for current tuition rates.