Career Planning for Students

One of the central reasons you are pursuing a graduate degree at Johns Hopkins University is to take your career path to greater heights. The Engineering for Professionals program offers a  career and life design educator, Mark Savage to help you accomplish this goal, whether you need support with resumes/cover letters, networking, job search strategy, interviewing, etc.

Career Management

Hopkins uses a career management system called Handshake to help you manage your career. Find events, internships, and job postings, plus connect with companies. Use your JHED ID and password to fill out your profile and get started.

Handshake Career Management System

We’re here to help with taking the next step in your career. Handshake is an online platform where students can sign up for career-focused programming and apply for jobs and internships. All JHU EP students are provided a Handshake account that must be activated by students who wish to access it. To activate your account, go to and sign in with your JHED ID. Then, input your information in the designated fields to complete your profile.

Your account will remain active until you are no longer affiliated with JHU. Alumni can reactivate their accounts with a revised email account for up to five years.

Make a Career and Life Design Appointment

  1. Navigate to Appointments > Explore Career Options > Homewood: Engineering Masters Students > View Available Appointment Days/Times
  2. All times are listed in Eastern Time Zone and are scheduled for one hour (despite Handshake confirmations of 30 minutes).
  3. If you don’t see a convenient time, email your availability to Mark. Evening appointments are available upon request.

Virtual Drop-In Office Hours

Mark’s office hours vary by semester and can be found on Handshake Events. Office hours with with other Life Design Lab staff are available weekdays and some evenings.

Utilize Handshake as a Career-Planning Resource

  • Access networking and job search resources on topics such as inclusion, networking, interviewing, and more.
  • Online Resources (under university-wide)
    • What Can I Do With This Major?: Job functions, industries, professional associations, advice for breaking into related industries.
    • V-Mock: Get a one-minute resume review using artificial intelligence; upload a PDF resume and get a scored critique in minutes (use 10x per calendar year)—results may not always be perfect; refer any questions to Mark.
    • One Hop: JHU Alumni Mentoring Site
    • Forager One: Research postings on the JHU campus.
    • Case Coach: Practice case interviews for consulting firms and others (access via Handshake/Resources)
    • Goinglobal: For international students seeking jobs in the U.S. or in their home country, or for U.S. citizens seeking jobs and job search protocols in 190 countries, including the U.S. (access via Handshake/Resources)
    • My Visa Tool for international students seeking jobs in the U.S. (access via Handshake/Resources)
    • Recorded Video Seminars on resumes, cover letters, networking, elevator pitch, and interviewing
    • For international students: telling your story; U.S. job search protocols; employment in the U.S.

Johns Hopkins University Life Design Lab

(previously the Career Center)
The Johns Hopkins University Life Design Lab connects with students, via programming, experiential alumni and employer networking, and job opportunities.

Social Networking

You can network through LinkedIn and OneHop, an online database and interactive community of current students and alumni with career placement opportunities.