Apply Any Time.

Applications are accepted year-round. To enroll in the term of your choice, we suggest applying, with all documents submitted, at least three weeks before the first day of classes.

Event fall 2023 Spring 2024 summer 2024 fall 2024 spring 2025
*Registration opens Jun 12, 2023 Oct 26, 2023 Mar 28, 2024 Jun 10, 2024 Oct 24, 2024
First day of classes Aug 28, 2023 Jan 22, 2024 May 28, 2024 Aug 26, 2024 Jan 21, 2025
Final day to add a course Sep 3, 2023 Jan 28, 2024 Jun 3, 2024 Sep 1, 2024 Jan 27, 2025
Final day to add for online courses Sep 3, 2023 Jan 28, 2024 Jun 3, 2024 Sep 1, 2024 Jan 27, 2025
Holidays Sep 4, 2023
Oct 10, 2023
Nov 20–26, 2023
March 18–24, 2024 Jun 19, 2024
Jul 4, 2024
Sept 2
Oct 8
Nov 25–Dec 1, 2024
Mar 17–23, 2025
Tuition payment deadline Sept 13, 2023 Feb 7, 2024 Jun 6, 2024 Sep 11, 2024 Feb 5, 2025
**Withdraw/audit deadline Nov 3, 2023 April 1, 2024 9th Week Nov 1, 2024 Apr 4, 2025
Graduation application deadline Nov 30, 2023 April 1, 2024 Jul 31, 2024 Nov 30, 2024 Apr 1, 2025
End of Term Dec 12, 2023 May 7, 2024 Aug 22, 2024 Dec 10, 2024 May 6, 2025

*The schedule launches at 10:00 a.m. on the day registration opens.

**Students must notify their course instructor when changing a course to audit during the semester.
Drop before week 6, nothing will show on the transcript.
Drop between weeks 6 and 9, a W will show on the transcript.
No drops after week 9.
(the schedule is fall and spring term only)

The EP Refund Policy and drop dates for on-site and online courses can be found here.

Online Courses

Due to scheduling needs, online courses may extend a few days beyond the official end date of the term. Please visit the faculty website to view the current module release schedule.

Late Tuition Payment Fee

You will be charged a $150 late fee if tuition is not paid by the deadline each term.

Application Deadline

The admissions process is handled on a continuing basis. Typically, application review takes 4–6 weeks from the day admission/applicant requirements are met.

Admission Deadline

There is no offer response deadline for admissions. Acceptance will be honored up to a year after admission. Please check the academic calendar above for term start dates. For more details about admissions policies, view the academic catalog.

Remember: Accepting your offer helps you continue with the enrollment process and initiates an email that will provide you with your advisor’s contact information along with information about registration. Tuition is only due at the time of registration.

Graduation Dates

The Master’s Recognition Ceremony date is TBD.
The University-Wide Commencement Ceremony is Thursday, May 24, 2024.

Are you planning to graduate in May 2024?

Get all the important details about graduation and check to be sure you have completed all requirements, are informed about ceremony plans, and more. We look forward to you joining the expansive alumni network of Blue Jays!

Information Sessions

Get the information you need about master’s and certificate programs through a one-hour online information session. You can ask questions and interact with the program chair, talk with students or alumni about their experiences, and learn more about the application and admissions process.