Refunds apply only to the tuition portion of a student’s charges and are calculated from the date of drop submission and are not applicable to any fees. Drops or withdrawals submitted via telephone are not accepted. Refunds are not granted to students who have been suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons. For state-specific refund schedules for online students, please refer to the Office of the Provost website.

Questions related to the EP refund policy and schedule should be directed to [email protected].

Online Courses

0% No refunds granted after dates above. No refunds granted after dates above.
Spring 2024 summer 2024
100% February 4 June 11
75% February 11 June 18
50% February 18 June 25
25% February 25 July 2

On-Site or Synchronous Courses

0% No refunds will be granted after the sixth class meeting
Refund Drop Date
100% Prior to third class meeting
75% Prior to fourth class meeting
50% Prior to fifth class meeting
25% Prior to sixth class meeting

Students who are enrolled at The Johns Hopkins University for the first time and who are receiving federal student financial aid are subject to a separate refund policy during their first period of enrollment. Refer to Return of Title IV Funds Policy for further information.

Drop or Withdraw with Tuition Refund

Engineering for Professionals students are expected to follow the drop and withdrawal deadlines outlined on the Academic Calendar. In exceptional cases, a Drop or Withdraw with Tuition Refund may be granted based on documented requests in which extenuating circumstances significantly impaired the student’s ability to complete the term, and a full or partial tuition refund may be provided. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, debilitating illness, family hardships, or other significant life changes (e.g., death in student’s immediate family, care for seriously ill family member, military deployment, etc.).

To be considered for a Drop or Withdraw with Tuition Refund, you must complete the Drop or Withdraw with Tuition Refund request form and attach any documentation to support your request (e.g., medical documentation, death certificate, or obituary, etc.). The request will be reviewed by the associate dean or designee who may consult with the instructor of record. You will be notified of the outcome of your request via email to your address within 10 university business days. If approved after the semester’s drop deadline, the mark of “W” will be recorded as the official grade for the course in lieu of a letter grade.

Drop or Withdraw with Tuition Refund requests and supporting documentation are retained by the Office of Academic Affairs for at least five years and filed separately from the student’s other records to maintain confidentiality.

Tuition & Fees

Find out more about the cost to enroll in Engineering for Professional programs. Nearly 75 percent of our students receive tuition support from their employers. Contact your employer for benefit details.