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Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals has supported the education and career aspirations of working professionals for nearly 20 years. As a provider of several of the best online engineering programs in the country, we’ve designed our graduate programs to fit your learning style and provide you with the much-needed flexibility to fit your schedule.

Take courses online, in-person, or through virtual live—scheduled, remote classes that you take from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. With more than 650 courses to choose from, many programs offer courses that are delivered in one or more ways. If some courses are easier in-person, and you live close to the Johns Hopkins campuses, you can come take classes in-person and others online. 

For those students looking to complete a graduate program fully online, 20 of our 22 programs are designed with the option to be completed fully online. You have the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

My main reason for starting this program was for the online aspect. When I started my program, I did not live in the state of Maryland. It was super convenient to make everything online so that I didn’t need to travel/move to go to school. The ‘weekly’ schedule was also very helpful. As a full-time employee, I could schedule my studies around my schedule and I always felt like I had enough time during the week to finish. 

Kelly Ferguson '19 Environmental Engineering

How are courses offered?


The vast majority of Engineering for Professionals programs can be completed fully online as we offer a broad range of courses that are delivered online—giving you the option to complete your degree wherever you live and work. These online graduate programs let you learn from anywhere and graduate with a diploma that reads “Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering."


We offer programs with courses that can be taken on one of two campus sites, including our Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, Maryland or Johns Hopkins Homewood campus in Baltimore, Maryland.


Live in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area? You can mix and match how you choose to take courses. With an extensive number of online course options, most of our master's programs can be completed fully online. However, some programs offer courses that can be taken in-person at our Laurel campus at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab.

Virtual Live

Want synchronous learning without having to leave the comfort of your home? Virtual Live gives you the option to attend class at a set time with classmates on campus or remotely. Engage in live instruction from faculty in real-time.


Part-time master’s degrees are master’s programs designed to allow students to continue working full-time while they study for their degrees. Many part-time programs offer classes in the evening, on the weekend, or offer prerecorded lectures to be watched when the student has time. This contrasts a traditional full-time degree program where classes are offered during the weekday and in-person.

All part-time master’s programs in Engineering for Professionals give you five years to complete your program from the beginning of your first class. We recommend that you take one class per semester to balance studying with your career. If you find you can take more, please do so, but seek the counsel from an advisor to be sure. If you are transferring credits, your five-year clock will start with the beginning of the first transferred credit class.

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