The Johns Hopkins engineering management online program allows students to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of concepts and issues relevant to environmental sustainability and climate change. Through the use of interactive learning tools and online course delivery, students learn how to plan, execute, and evaluate the most complex environmental projects of our time.

Admission Requirements

Certificate Requirements

  • The program requires five courses that must be completed within five years.
  • The curriculum consists of a minimum of three courses that must be selected from the Environmental Planning and Management program and a maximum of two electives.
  • Electives may be selected from any of the three environmental areas of study: Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Science, or Environmental Planning and Management, subject to prerequisite restrictions. All applicable courses must have a (575.XXX) number. Except for the prerequisite restrictions, there is not any specific sequence in taking these courses.
  • Only grades of B– or above can count toward the graduate certificate.
  • Any deviation from this program, including transfer of courses and any other requisites specified in the student’s admission letter, will not be approved by the program chair.

Course Planning and Search

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Academic Calendar

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Master's in Environmental Planning and Management

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