Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals offers part-time graduate degrees (typically ten courses required) and certificates (typically six courses required) in a variety of fields.

Tuition is calculated per course. Please review the program requirements on each program page to confirm how many courses are required to complete your selected degree or certificate program.

Students whose tuition is paid by contract should begin processing requests with their employers well before registration deadlines to ensure that payment is made. Students are ultimately responsible for all costs associated with their registration.

Please review the academic calendar for the registration deadlines and tuition payment deadlines for upcoming academic terms. Contact us if you have additional questions or need assistance.


Per-course tuition for a three-credit graduate-level course in the Whiting School of Engineering is $5,701, but with support from the dean of the Whiting School of Engineering, our students enjoy a substantially decreased out-of-pocket cost. The typical tuition rates for Engineering for Professionals courses during the 2020–2021 academic year, after the Dean’s support is applied, are $1,240 for undergraduate (200-level) and $4,595 for graduate (600-level and higher) courses.

If you need a receipt for the courses you are taking, please contact Student Accounts at 410-516-8158. Please contact our admissions staff with any questions.


Graduation Fee. The graduation fee is $100 and is payable upon receipt of an e-bill notification from the office of Student Accounts.

Late Tuition Payment Fee. Tuition payment deadlines are indicated in the academic calendar. If payment is received after the deadline, a late payment fee of $150 will be incurred.

Transfer Credit Fee. Graduate courses completed at another school and approved for transfer are assessed a fee of $460 per course.