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Recent technological advances coupled with increased data availability have opened the door for a wave of revolutionary research in the field of Deep Learning. In particular, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) continue to improve on state-of-the-art performance in many standard computer vision tasks including image classification, segmentation, object recognition, object localization, and scene recognition. With an emphasis on computer vision, this course will explore deep learning methods and applications in depth as well as evaluation and testing methods. Topics discussed will include network architectures and design, training methods, and regularization strategies in the context of computer vision applications. Following a seminar format, students will be expected to read, understand, and present recent publications describing the current state-ofthe-art deep learning methods. Additionally, team projects will give students an opportunity to apply deep learning methods to real world problems.Prerequisite(s): Students should have taken courses in computer vision and machine learning/pattern recognition, have basic familiarity with OpenCV, Python and C++, as well as prior class instruction in neural networks.

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