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This is a hands-on course that integrates teaching of concepts in wireless LANs as well as offering students, in an integrated lab environment, the ability to conduct laboratory experiments and design projects that cover a broad spectrum of issues in wireless LANs. The course will describe the characteristics and operation of contemporary wireless network technologies such as the IEEE 802.11 and 802.11s wireless LANs and Bluetooth wireless PANs. Laboratory experiments and design projects include MANET routing protocols, infrastructure and MANET security, deploying hotspots, and intelligent wireless LANs. The course will also introduce tools and techniques to monitor, measure, and characterize the performance of wireless LANs as well as the use of network simulation tools to model and evaluate the performance of MANETs.

Course Prerequisite(s)

EN.525.641 Computer and Data Communication Networks or EN.605.671 Principles of Data Communications Networks.