Blackboard System Requirements

Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals uses Blackboard as the platform for delivering online courses. This platform is also used by instructors to supplement their in-class courses. Blackboard is a web-based application capable of supporting teaching and learning, project collaboration, and group interaction.

Please refer to Blackboard’s technical requirements.

Required Software

The list below represents the most common required software used to support online courses and courses supplemented with Blackboard.

Please note: Your course may or may not use all the software listed. Your course may also require additional software not listed here which will be detailed in your course syllabus.


Your course instructor may elect to conduct real-time, virtual office hours via Zoom.

For more information on Zoom, please see the Zoom Quick-Start Guide.

Office Software

You may be required to use word processing and spreadsheet applications for your course work. You may use Microsoft Office, or the open-source alternative,

To download OpenOffice go to

PDF Viewer

You will need a PDF viewer to view PDF files in your course. To download free Adobe PDF viewer software go to

RSS Feed Reader for Podcasts

Your course may use podcasts to provide you with a more mobile method of viewing or listening to lectures, videos, or introductions to course content.

You will need an RSS feed reader to subscribe to and access podcasts. iTunes is preferred for EP podcasts:

When downloading iTunes select the version that corresponds with your operating system and if you do not want to have to put in your e-mail address, simply uncheck the two boxes above the text box.

Zip Software

You will also need software for “zipping” and “unzipping” (compressing and uncompressing) files. Two popular shareware “zip” programs can be downloaded from the sites listed below:

For Windows—WinZip at
For Macintosh—ZipIt at

If you have any questions regarding these technical requirements, please contact us at [email protected].