Education History

  • B.Sc Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology
  • M.Phil. Electrical Engineering, Columbia University
  • M.S. Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D Electrical Engineering, Columbia University

Work Experience

Senior Professional Staff, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory


Book (Published May, 2014)): A. Dutta, H. Schulzrinne, Mobility Protocols and Handover Optimization: Design, Evaluation and Application, John & Wiley Publication
(This book has also been translated into Chinese Language)
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ASHUTOSH DUTTA, Ph.D. • Page 8 • [email protected]
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Tutorials/Invited Talks/Panels:
1. Globecom 2002 Tutorial on “Mobile Wireless Internet Technologies”, P. Agrawal, A.Dutta, J.C Chen et al.
2. IEEE Sarnoff Symposium (2003) Tutorial on “Mobility Management for Next Generation Networks”, A.Dutta, D. Wong
3. Globecom 2003 Tutorial on “Mobility Management for Next Generation Wireless Networks”, D. Wong and A. Dutta
4. IEEE Comsoc online Tutorials Now, Daniel Wong, Ashutosh Dutta
5. IEEE WCNC 2008, IP-based mobility protocols and optimization framework, Ashutosh Dutta (accepted for Online Tutorial also)
6. IEEE WCNC 2011, IP-based mobility and handover optimization, Ashutosh Dutta, Anthony Chan
7. IEEE ComSoc Tutorials Now, 2015 on Mobility Protocols and Handover Optimization, Ashutosh Dutta
8. IEEE ICC 2016, Security Virtualization and LTE Security, Ashutosh Dutta, Roger Piqueras
Invited Talks/Panels:
9. IEEE ICC 2017, 5G Research, Standardization, and Development, Panelist
10. IEEE ICC 2017, Challenges and Opportunities in SDN/NFV and 5G Security, Panel Coordinator
11. ETSI Security Week – Security Challenges and Opportunities for SDN/NFV and 5G Networks – A Standards Perspective – Keynote Speaker
12. IEEE 5G Summits – Overview of IEEE 5G and Beyond Initiative (2016, 2017)
13. Security Challenges and Opportunities in SDN/NFV and 5G Networks, 5G World, London, 2017
14. Security Challenges in Network Function Virtualization (NFV), IEEE Globecom 2014
15. 10 IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecture Talks on 5G Security
1. A. Dutta, Y. Ohba, K. Taniuchi, V. Fajardo, H. Schulzrinne, Framework of Media Independent Pre-Authentication, RFC 6252
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5. Supporting Service Mobility with SIP, Faramak Vakil, A. Dutta, H. Schulzrinne
6. Supporting Mobility for TCP with SIP, F. Vakil, A. Dutta, H. Schulzrinne
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15. Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Security: Security Management and Monitoring Specification
Trade Shows:
• Participated and demonstrated products in many of the Trade shows (PCIA, COMDEX, AFCEA, IMSAA, SARNOFF) representing Telcordia/Toshiba/KDDI and demonstrated products
• Lead role in MWIF’s Proof-of-Concept demo for 4G in ITSUMO test-bed for September 2002
• LTE Americas, Dallas 2010, 2011 representing NIKSUN
• LTE World, Barcelona 2012, representing NIKSUN
Technical Reports:
1. GAP Analysis for 3GPP/3GPP2 IMS/MMD Architecture – A.Dutta, S. Das, F.J. Lin
2. Security Optimization and P-CSCF Fast-handoff for IMS/MMD Architecture – A. Dutta, A. Ghosh, S.Das, J. Lee, F.J Lin
3. Feasibility Analysis of IPv6 Transition for Ad Hoc Networks – S. Das, A. Dutta, S. Khurana, P.Gurung, H. Tanna
4. IP/SONET vs. IP/ATM/SONET for High-Speed Data Transport – A. Dutta, Tao Zhang, Joel Gannett
5. Session Control Protocol Attributes for Flexible Multimedia Support and Transport Independence – S. Mohan, Tom Chapuran, A. Dutta.
6. Paths for Industry Convergence on Session Management – A. Dutta, S. Mohan, Tom Chapuran,
7. CPE Evolution and Distributed Service Intelligence – S. Mohan, Stuart Wagner, A. Dutta et al.
8. Scalable Multicast Routing – Tony Mcauley, A. Dutta, Rajesh Talpade, Deborah Bakin
9. Evolutionary Approaches to Implementing Session Control in Emerging Broadband Networks – S. Mohan, A. Dutta, Stu Wagner, Tom Chapuran
10. Industry Progress towards Multi-service session control protocol, A. Dutta, S. Mohan
11. Communications Service Evolution and Evaluation of Access Network Alternatives for the 10X
Network Era – A. Dutta, Teshima Shigeru, Stu Wagner
12. Business-Driven Evolution from Multiplatform to Multiservice Networks – A. Dutta, Vegard Masdal, Stu Wagner
13. Capacity Planning for IP/SONET, IP/ATM/SONET and DPT architecture, A. Dutta, Tao Zhang

Honors and Awards

  • IEEE Fellow (2020)
  • IEEE-USA Professional Award (2011)
  • IEEE MGA Leadership Award (2010)

Professional Organizations