Education History

  • B.S. Physics, National Tsing Hua University
  • Ph.D. Biophysics, University of California

Work Experience

Adjunct Faculty, JHU Whiting School of Engineering, Engineering for Professionals


C-F. Chang, DM Green, C.R. Ratto, and P.A. Rodriguez, “Maritime Prototype Classifier Development Final Report” 2016, FPS-R-16-0469.
C-F. Chang, “Slant-to-Ground Plane Projection for SAR Imagery, 2015, FPS-15-0135.
C-F. Chang, “Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Image Formation Processing (IFP) Description, 2014, KTS-14-044.
C-F. Chang, “Auto-Focusing for SAR Imagery, 2013, KTS-13-101.
J. Mundy and C-F. Chang, “Fusion of Intensity, Texture, and Color in Video Tracking Based on Mutual Information”, Proc. 33rd Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Working Group, October 13-15, 2004. :10-15.

Honors and Awards

  • Principal Professional Staff
    Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (2017)
  • Lockheed Martin Fellow (2006)
  • NRO Technology Fellow (2001)

Professional Organizations

Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)