Daniel Wiley holds BS degrees in Mathematics and Physics from Portland State University and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Cornell University. He specialized in complex systems and worked for two summers as an instructor at the Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute. Dr. Wiley held academic positions at Howard University, the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, and the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Wiley currently reviews potential publications for the journal CHAOS. He is presently employed as a mathematician for the U.S. Government.

Education History

  • B.S. Physics, Portland State University
  • Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Cornell University

Work Experience

Mathematician, U.S. Government


Daniel Abrams, Rennie Mirollo, Steven Strogatz, and Daniel Wiley, “Solvable Model for Chimera States of Coupled Oscillators,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 084103 (2008)

Daniel Wiley, Steven Strogatz, and Michelle Girvan, “The Size of the Sync Basin,” CHAOS 16, 015103 (March 2006)