Education History

  • B.S. Architecture, University of Wisconsin
  • Ph.D. Systems Analysis and Economics for Public Decision Making, Johns Hopkins University

Work Experience

Senior Lecturer, JHU Whiting School of Engineering


Five Selected Publications

Branas, Charles C., Catherine S. Wolff, Justin C. Williams, Gregg Margolis, and Brendan G. Carr, 2013, “Simulating changes to emergency care resources to compare system effectiveness”, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 66(8), pp. S57-S64.

ReVelle, Charles, Michelle Schlossberg, and Justin C. Williams, 2008, “Solving the maximal covering location problem with heuristic concentration”, Computers and Operations Research 35(2), pp. 427-435.

Williams, Justin C., Charles S. ReVelle, and Simon A. Levin, 2005, “Spatial attributes and reserve design models: a review”, Environmental Modeling and Assessment 10(3), pp. 163-181.

Williams, Justin C., Charles S. ReVelle, and Simon A Levin, 2004, “Using mathematical optimization models to design nature reserves”, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2(2), pp. 98-105.

Williams, Justin C., 2002, “A zero-one programming model for contiguous land acquisition”, Geographical Analysis 34(4), pp. 330-349.