Education History

  • Dr. Biostatistics, University of Southern California


Recent six examples in 2013-2018:

Wang SJ, Hua P, Hung HMJ. (2018). Evaluation of the extent of adaptation to sample sizxe in clinical trials for cardiovascular and CNS diseases. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 67:31-36.

Guo W, Wang SJ, Yang S, Lynn H, Ji Y. (2017). A Bayesian interval dose-finding design addressing Ockham’s razor: mTPI-2. Contemporary Clinical Trials 58:23-33, 2017.

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Wang SJ, Bretz F, Dmitrienko A, Hsu J, Hung HMJ, Huque M, Koch G. (2013). Reflections and perspectives on MCPs and a commentary. Special Issue for MCP2011. Biometrical Journal 55:275-293.

Honors and Awards

  • FDA Scientific Achievement (Individual) Award on Excellence in Analytical Science (2011)
  • ASA Fellow (2011)
  • Drug Information Association (DIA) Thomas Teal Award for Excellence in Statistics Publishing (2011)

Professional Organizations

American Statistical Association (ASA)
Food and Drug Administration Statistical Association (FDASA)