Engineering education of the highest quality, offered at a pace that suits your needs.

Qualified students who wish to enhance their knowledge, continue their education, and advance their careers through professional development, but who do not wish to commit to a master's degree or advanced certificate program, are welcome to take classes as special students* in the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals program.

With an undergraduate degree in science or engineering, and if you satisfy our admissions criteria, you can enroll in any of our over 500 master’s-level online and/or part-time engineering courses, where you will be taught by our award-winning faculty and will benefit from curricula that will place you at the leading edge of advances in an enormous variety of technical fields. As a special student, you will have access to the knowledge, experience, and opportunities that make Johns Hopkins University a national leader in professional education for working engineers, while selecting courses that suit your interests, providing the ultimate flexibility you need as a working professional.

*Special students are non-degree seeking students who take courses at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals. If you take classes as a special student and later enroll in a master's degree program at EP, it is possible that the courses you took as a special student will apply to the degree.